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Hydraulic Splitting Bar Manufacture High Cost Perfemance . Splitting Machine

Comparing with similar foreign products, it has a very high cost performance (about 1/4 of the price of foreign products). that's it that's all

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Application of the  rock splitting bar 

Hydraulic splitting bars are mainly used for excavation of tunnels, underground rock excavation, large splitting of extra-large rocks, and monolithic mining of marble and granite. Demolition work indoors and in narrow spaces, demolition of reinforced concrete structures/prime concrete structures, foundations, walls, old bridge piles, chimneys, cut pile heads, and secondary monolithic splitting of thick concrete slabs. Compared with the traditional operation methods in the above fields, the hydraulic splitting machine has a series of advantages such as simple structure, convenient operation, high work efficiency, low cost, safety, energy saving and energy saving management.

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rock splitting bar machine

The hydraulic cleavage stone rod is composed of a cylinder, 11 pistons, multiple seals and several high-pressure oil pipes. It is divided into an oil inlet pipe and a return oil pipe. The piston of the hydraulic broken rock stick will protrude when entering the oil. This is a working process, that is, the time when the rock is broken. Its power source is hydraulic oil transmission from the hydraulic power station through the oil pipe, which can reach 120mp, the theoretical splitting force is 1200t. The single root is 30kj, and the maximum power can be 6 with one power station. The standard is 4 pieces.


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