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Hydraulic Rock Splitter Suppliers

Feature of Hydraulic rock splitter:
1) Powerful( Max:1000T ), it can split the stone or concrete easily.
2) High Efficiency, it can split the stone in 5-10 seconds.
3) Long-life, the wedges stands wear and tear.
4) Easy to operate and maintain.

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Application of Hydraulic rock splitter:

1. Mineral mining, civil engineering construction and demolition

2. Breaking concrete walls and reinforce concrete

3. Removing concrete piers, bridge pier tops

4. Openings in concrete walls

5. an indispensable tool in construction, river dredging, salvation

Preparation for the procedure:

1. Check the power source. The electric type static blasting machine must check the power line and voltage. The diesel type static blasting machine must check whether the diesel oil injection amount is up to standard. a. Electric type 1.5KW motor uses 2.5mm-0-5 three-phase power line, working voltage is 380V. The 4KW motor uses a 4 mm-0-5 power cord with an operating voltage of 380V. b. The diesel engine oil injection amount of the diesel engine type should reach the specified position of the oil mark to start.

2. Check the tubing connection. Check that the joints of the tubing are firmly connected and straighten out the tubing.

3. Pay attention to the inlet and outlet of the high pressure oil hose, can’t reverse.

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