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Hydraulic Rock Splitter Construction And Mining Equipment

SAFETY: Rock splitting is done without any explosives, pollution or noise. Therefore it is possible to work in an environment where there are restrictions for such issues. Also it offers a safe working environment.
PRODUCTIVITY: we offer you highest possible productivity due to a very high splitting force and a high durability and reliability. ACCURACY: it's more accurate than explosives because the direction of splitting is extremely easy to control. EFFICIENCY: no flying object and let you control splitting direction easily, no temporal evacuation that causes the pause of the extra cost loss of operations and labour
SIMPLE:it is very simple and easy to use and there is no need for highly experienced operators.
FLEXIBILITY: it can work in minimum working area,it's designed to adopt the hard condition.
ADOPTABILITY:it can be attached to almost any kind of hydraulic excavator from 20 ton and up.

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Ultra-large rock splitter:

The large splitting machine is also called a mountain machine, a split machine, a stone breaking machine, etc., and is composed of a hydraulic power station, a splitting gun, and a tubing. Mainly used for primary and secondary disintegration of large ore or rock in the case of large mines and quarries that do not allow the use of explosives.

 Hydraulic Rock Splitter Construction And Mining Equipment             

NO.1: Specifaction

brand    ZHONGTUOsize     ZT260-P100
drilled hole depth       1.8mmaterail     iron

drilled hole 


  100mmrated pressure  
  24-36 mpa
splitting force    6800 tonsweight    1000kg
cylinder diameter    260mmproducing place    xi'an shaanxi

产品售后流程2NO.2: instructions

1 please mease the machine after using .

2 be sure no one stands over the operating area when carrier starts to work.

3 check out the hydraulic oil from time to time, please change the oil if the color gets black.

NO.3: after-sales

the time you inform us the problem by e mail phone or fax,we  will diagnose it by the engineer and offer you the tesing rerport contain needed part and related solution.  

please friend our products if you want.

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(1).Hydraulic rock splitter is maninly composed of power pump pack and hydraulic cylinder . Mainly applicable to the secondary breaking . First drill hole in stone, then insert hydraulic cylinders which is contain wedge and feathers . Start engine to provide hydraulic pressure .Repeat the process until the whole structure is fractured into smaller sections and ready for removal.

(2).Remove redundant reinforced concrete structures, concrete machine beds and plinths etc.

(3).Split all kinds of natural stones, rock, granite, marble mining & quarrying.

(4).Now it is also widely used in mineral mining(cave mining) , civil engineering construction and demolition. It is also an indispensable tool in construction, river dredging, salvation etc.




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