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Hydraulic Concrete Splitter Construction Mining Equippment,MAX 6800 Tons.

brief introduction of ZT rock splitter faced with serious environment and more strict regulations limit the exporsive way,rock splitter will be a simple and reliable method for hard rock and horizen tunel. NO.1 effective splitting force is from 3600 tons to 6800 tons from 2 different splitter. NO.2 wildspread numbers of ZT200-P90 and ZT260-P100 rock splitter served the clients really prove its taugh natrue. NO.3 NOT THE CHEAPEST PRICE BUT YOUR FAITHFUL PARTENER THAT REALLY HELP YOUR PROGRAM ALL THE TIME.

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our rock splitter can work in many job site such as demolition of bridge, development of residential land, sewerage job site, underwater etc to break rocks and concrete.

Hydraulic pressure move the cylinder and thrust the wedge. Therefore less noise and less vibration compared to hitting. Moreover it is safe because gunpowder is not required.


our product is suitble for the 20 tons class hydralic exavotor.(such as KOMATSU 200 220 240 CAT 320 323)

please choose the suitble carrier or inquire of us.

rock splitter-1prock splitter-1p



brand     ZHONGTUO size      ZT220-P90
drilled hole depth        1.3m materail      iron

drilled hole 


  90mm rated pressure  
  24-36 mpa
splitting force   3600 tons weight     800kg
cylinder diameter     220mm producing place     xi'an shannxi China


1 please operate in safe environment

2 check out the color of  hydraulic oil ,you are supposed to change it when the oil becomes black.

3 get machine greased  after work

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