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Electric Concrete Scabbler|Factory Direct Sales, Quality Assurance

The floor treatment of various old ground before renovation; removal of damaged ground bulge part; epoxy resin ground chisel; ground skid surface; new surface layer hair and so on, with high effect and high efficiency.

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Electric Concrete Scabbler|Factory Direct Sales, Quality Assurance

Product description:

The electric concrete scabbler is a kind of tool which has been completed by treating the main body surface which has been completed so that the construction surface of the two construction stages is firm and similar to the "chopping ax". Usually thetrelawny scabbler  is used in the cast-in-place concrete structure, after pouring in the cast-in-place plate, it is necessary to chisel the next layer of pouring, so that the concrete bond firmly.

electric concrete scabbler ZHONGTUO11.png  trelawny scabbler ZHONGTUO12.png

Parameters of Electric Concrete Scabbler:


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