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Pneumatic Grout Pump For Sale

Feature of pneumatic grouting pump:
1. It can work in the large water drenching and high gas/firedamp place.
2. No heating problem with blocking in a long time.
3. No overpressure problem
4. Automatic regulate output according to the pre-seted grouting final pressure.
5. Small volume,light,non-overload.It can be used safely in the inflammable,explosive,strong magnetic,radiation evironment

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Description of pneumatic grout pump:

Pneumatic injection pump is mainly used in coal mine, iron ore and other wall waterproofing, grouting reinforcement engineering, subway, tunnel, water conservancy, construction and other water plugging and broken rock grouting consolidation project. The pump’s power is from compressed air as power. 


with compressed air as power, pneumatic injection pump can make smaller pressure  produce high injection pressure by the large area ratio of mine pneumatic pump cylinder and grouting.


suitable for grouting and water plugging, gaps’ filling, broken rock engineering reinforcement of mines, tunnels, buildings, Bridges, water conservancy, subway construction sites such as


Rated displacement


preset pressure


Number of sand cylinders


Into the pulp pipe diameter


Total Weight


pneumatic grout pump-0e

pneumatic grout pump-0d

pneumatic grout pump-0c

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