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Mortar Plaster Mixing And Spraying Machine

Features of plaster spraying machine:
1 reliable performance, strong adaptability.
2 durable, easy to operate.
3, compared with the traditional manual construction saves manpower, material and financial resources and valuable time, and also better in quality than the traditional construction of artificial construction, guaranteed.

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Description of mortar plaster mixing and spraying machine:

Mortar mixing and spraying machine is the application of modern technology - a large capacity mortar spraying machine, which has pump conveying, bonding, spraying functions. High conveying efficiency, long pumping distance, easiness of pumping large particles of material, these can be used for spraying already-mixed mortar and field mixing mortar. Set the screw pump anti-wear control mechanism; with a direct separation of the screw rotor and stator on machine; adjust the displacement and remote control functions, pressure sensor control.


we added the cylinder mixer composed of the mixing barrel and the inner curved blade, which can produce a strong radial and axial flow, with larger displacement and circulating flow. The contact area of mixed parts increased, the size of the slurry micrometer reduced, so that the stirring effect is remarkable. It is easy to take apart, easy for delivery. Pressure sealed outlet could ensure that no leakage slurry. It’s applicable to all types of already-mixed mortar and normal mortar.

cement plaster spraying machine-03

Standard configuration    

   Shock proof pressure gauge assembly 6MPa 

   3P 380V (220V) 4.5/5.5kW Motor, Continuously variable Motor optional     

   German air compressor 400V 3P 250L / min 900W   

   Aluminum alloy spray gun 

   3P 380V (220V) 3kW Mixing motor

   Integrated control box

   Tool box   

   Φ35mm, φ38mm Mortar hose and quick coupling (optional)  

   Φ13mm Air hose and quick coupling

cement plaster spraying machine-04

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