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Mine Pneumatic Injection Pump

1. Small size, light weight, easy handling, moving frequently to adapt to multi-point grouting.
2. As a result of pressure transmission, so that the pump is very suitable for grouting performance requires a large flow when low pressure, and grouting pressure rises need small flow conditions
. 3. Due to pneumatic drive,so flammable, high-explosive, water spray, dust and large working environment can be used.
4. Under the conditions of the slurry is not very stringent ,use one pump can achieve double grouts, greatly reduce the construction cost of equipment purchasing.

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Introduction of Hydraulic Concrete Piston Grouting Pump For Sale/ Pump For Grouting/ Grout

mine pneumatic injection pump is mainly used for coal, iron ore and other wall waterproofing, grouting works, as well as subways, tunnels, water, construction and broken rock grouting works . Flammable, explosive, magnetic, radiation, and more dust, temperature changes, and watering places are safe to use.Stepless amount adjustment, as long as controling the air switch the size,the inlet amount can be changed,aslo the constant pressure automatic variables, namely discharge plasma volume with grouting pressure increases.

Range of application

1. in construction ,use vertical or horizontal conveying mortar.

2. in the iron and steel metallurgy sector, used for the maintenance of the blast furnace and other equipment.mine pneumatic injection pumpmine pneumatic injection pump

3. in the chemical sector, used to transport slurry materials (colorants, coatings), magnetic materials and other media. the farmland water conservancy projects, used to reinforce the dam. Sand wells used to reinforce wall and so on.

5. in the railway construction, used for bridges, culverts grouting.

6. in the thermal power plant fly ash used for conveying mortar.

7. prestressed member works for mortar injection dilation.

8 in the highway pavement maintenance for cement concrete pavement void beneath grouting.

Main Parameter of Hydraulic Concrete Piston Grouting Pump For Sale/ Pump For Grouting/ Grouting Pump


ZT pnuematic grouting pump



No. of Cylinder


Hose Inner Size

dia. 32mm

Operating Air Pressure

4 MPa


380V or as Your Request

Net Weight




pnuematic grout pump

pnuematic grout pump

pnuematic chemical injection pump

service of the process:


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Payment: TT L/C at sight

Deliver date: less than seven bussiness days after we both getting the agreement.

Packing material: wooden box or as your requist

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