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High Pressure Grouting Pump

1.Quick disconnect fittings throughout
2.Adaptable to any mixing tank feeder
3.Hardened valve seats for long life
4.Easy field maintenance
5.Dynamic pressure adjustment range
6.Non-plugging, flush clean with water
7.Constant pressure regulator
8.Adapts to all delivery systems


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Description of Grout injection pump:

Grout Injection Pump is a stable and durable high-pressure injection pump, can transport large concentrations of cement slurry, yellow mud, oil and water and other media.

This pump embodies the traditional design style of a high pressure grout and cement slurry pump. Its all steel construction gives high strength, long life wearing parts and low maintenance features as opposed to normal cast iron and aluminum pumps.

This versatile steel double acting pump is an ideal solution for applications requiring continuous high pressure.

The unique opposing cylinders provide an even flow of material at consistent high pressure, with a choice of either pneumatic or electric power.

The unit includes a hydraulic end specifically built for easy cleaning and maintenance with the application of SUPER STAKO STAPLE joints.

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Grout Injection Pump Note:

1, before the use of pneumatic driven injection pump to be used before the test pump, the duct, suction pipe, the pulp pipe is connected, open the pump for water test pump, observe the operation of the injection pump, the normal after Note Slurry operations. Common problems for the tracheal connection error, grouting pump can not be normal suction. If the quick connection is used, it is necessary to weld the quick connector (usually Φ25mm) at the inlet of the injection pump. If the connection is made with the horse mouth, pay attention to the diameter of the downhole pipe and the note Inlet diameter of pump. Connect the air duct before the first pressure air drainage, the wind pipe in the water blow clean before connecting the injection pump, so that the wind pipe dirty water into the injection pump to cause damage.

2, should always pay attention to the pressure gauge instructions, such as pressure gauge instructions or more than pressure, the safety device does not work, should identify the cause, clear the fault and then start

3, the need to wear the tool with the need to prepare pneumatic driven injection pump the tools used in addition to the pump comes with special tools need to have a pair of vise (needle nose pliers, flat nose pliers each one), 16, a wrench, 18 pipe wrench two, screwdriver (plum, a word each) two.

4, note that the pump and the motor structure is normal, when found any fault, should immediately stop, open the drain valve to make the pressure drop, troubleshooting.

5, after mixing the slurry into the pump should be determined by the consistency of the consistency of the test will be vertical and pulp surface, easy to lay down to self-weight sink.

6, should always pay attention to make the packing does not make the Grande pressure phenomenon. Such as compression still leakage phenomenon, as the case may replace the packing or piston.

7, the Grout Injection Pump up and down the well transport Notes injection pump up and down the transportation process, to muffler (a total of six), pressure gauge (a), U-type hose (two), gas nozzle vulnerable loss Parts removed, with tools such as bringing down the well to prevent damage or loss, the interface with a good cotton block

8, after the end of each class stop, you must immediately pump water, clean the pipe and pump the internal until the clean, to ensure that the ball valve, slurry mouth, suction pulp mouth, drain valve clean and smooth.

9, grouting volume recorded to the grouting drilling compiled number, record each grouting hole grouting volume and the final pressure of grouting, conditional on each grouting pipe hanging on the card.

Parameters of High pressure grouting pump:

Product number


Maximum suction volume L

greatest pressure   Mpa

Supporting motor  KW

Machine total    Kg
































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High pressure grouting pump

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