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Hydraulic Cement Grout Pump

Features: 1. Continuous stable grouting, no pulse, adjustable pressure, stable flow rate 2. Inclined vertical structure, slurry flow, light weight, wheel design,easy to move 3. The pump head adopts the design of universal joint, flexible rotation 4. The grouting liquid, large range of water-cement ratio and design suitable concentration of thick 5. The wheel use single or double screw, on the same stem diameter, the grouting adopts double screw pump, displacement is larger and smaller pulse, pressure is stable and smooth operation, low energy consumption.

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Description of cement grout pump:

Screw grout pump is a special transport mortar equipment, which is widely used in highway, railway, tunnel, urban terrain, subway, hydropower station, underground caverns, such as bolt grouting, consolidation grouting and backfill grouting anchor grouting engineering. And it can be used for dam slope, soft rock reinforcement soil curtain grouting and pressure grouting engineering.


Small mini cement Mortar concrete Pump piston/Mortar Grouting Machine/Grouting Pump for sale

Production capacity 5m3/h

Pressure 10mpa

Electric power 7.5kw

Bucket capacity 200L

Delivery distance:30Meters 

particle diameter <=5mm

dimension 2650*850*1200

weight 680Kg 

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