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High Pressure Grouting Pump|piston Grout Injection Pump

High pressure grouting pump structure and features:
1.Horizontal structure design, compact structure, high stability, light weight and beautiful appearance
2.easy to operate, easy to disassemble, easy to clean
3.wheel design, using two fixed wheel home 20,000 wheel design, easy to move
4.the use of high reliability electrical circuit design is reliable, high security
5.groutable water ash ratio is larger than the applicable range, especially suitable for thick slurry with high concentration design
6.the grouting liquid grit ratio range is large, the sand particle size range is wide
7.The slurry is continuously and evenly distributed, the pressure is stable, and the pressure is boosted.

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Feature of high-pressure grouting pump:

1.The pressure of the grouting pump is high (up to 21Mpa), which can meet the requirements of grouting pressure under various conditions of underground.

2.The reciprocating frequency of the plunger has four speeds, and the amount of slurry (up to 120 liters/min) and the grouting pressure can be changed at will. It can effectively enlarge the filling radius of the slurry and improve the water blocking effect.

3.Light and flexible, making the grouting process simple and simple. The pump body is small in color and light in weight, and is directly fixed on the board. It can be transported to the working surface of the water at any time. Moreover, the 3/4" high-pressure hose is braided by steel wire and connected by a quick joint. The preparation time of the secondary grouting was reduced from eight days to one hour. It was a long-term brazing work for deep water, grouting on duty, and the normal grouting method of normal excavation, creating a prerequisite for shortening the unit time of water-injection grouting by 0.04. 0.06 day/night/meter.

4.The proportion of water absorption can be controlled at will according to different needs, the amount of water glass can be reduced, and the strength of cement-water glass liquid can be improved.

5.There is a matching water-blocking grouting device: the device can directly block the water leakage in the leakage of water or grouting in the hard rock layer and the wall. It replaces the long-lasting, high-cost cementation wall (the silo pad) project.

6.The pump is not only a special equipment for mine grouting and water shutoff, but also a multi-functional equipment such as high-pressure water injection, fire-fighting grouting, high-pressure oil pump for power generation.

Parameters of high-pressure grouting pump:

high pressure grouting pump-5de

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