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Dual Liquid Full Hydraulic Cement Grouting Pump With Competitive Price

Main Features 1.The pump can not only be used for grouting one kind of fluid but also grouting two kind of fluid.And it can be used as a clean water pump, sewage pump and mud pump 2.The pump adopts hydraulic transmission, so it has small volume, light weight, stable performance, reliable operation and simple operation. 3.The pressure is adjusted arbitrarily in the design range. When the pressure exceeds the set value, the overflow valve opens the system to release the pressure, thus providing protection.

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Product Description

Dual liquid full hydraulic cement grouting pump

Product Application and Features

Hydraulic Grouting Pump is widely used for excavating and maintaining tunnel, foundation construction for road, bridge, dam, mine construction, high-rise building and all kinds of grouting construction. The technology is advanced, changing separated type into couplet type, then changing couplet type into integrated type, making concentricity improved to 99%. It’s a reliable and easy-to-operate grouting equipment with stable performance and reliable working efficiency.

Dual liquid full hydraulic cement grouting pump
Theoretical Output
Maximum System Pressure
Conveying Pressure
Total Weight
Overall Dimension
Maximum Conveying Distance
200/60m(Horizontal, Vertical)
Main Motor Power
Voltage Classes
Inner Diameter of Infusion Tube
Inner Diameter of Absorption Tube
gydraulic grout pump #4


hydraulic grout pump #3

hydraulic grout pump

hydraulic grout pumpHydraulic double hydraulic grouting pump


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Packaging Details:

Packed with wooden box or nude packing

Quality control department : 

The technician will test every set before delivery to ensure every machine work perfectly
After-sales service:
80 professional after-sales staff will serve you. If needed, overseas service center is available.

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