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2ZBQ Mining Pneumatic Grout Injection Pump

Application of Pheumatic grout injection pump:
Pneumatic injection pump is mainly used for underground injection grouting in Roadway Bolting, and subway, tunnel grouting for stopping up water and broken rock grouting consolidation project.


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Description of 2ZBQ Mining Pneumatic Grout Injection Pump

2ZBQ Mining Pneumatic Grout Injection Pump use compressed air for power, can safely used in big sprinkling water and high gas situation. It can be blocked rotating for a long time without heat problem. This type of pump transmits the pressure signal by using the working medium like slurry and oil, form a closed-loop control the performance. The structure is simple and reliable. The regulation is accurately, and has no overpressure problem. The reversing gear of this pump have automatic air pressure positioning performance, safe and reliable, possess the performance of automatic regulating pump discharge volume according to the predetermined grouting pressure. It can be filled with single-fluid grouting, mixed grout and chemical grout.
2QZB pump is low-frequency stroke and high thrust hydraulic reciprocating pump, it can reversed filling of grout, so can use thickened mud or slurry with particle.

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parameters of Pneumatic Grout Injection Pump

Rated displacement


preset pressure


Number of sand cylinders


Into the pulp pipe diameter


Total Weight


Pneumatic Grout Injection Pump

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Pneumatic Grout Injection Pump

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