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Wholesale Post-tensioning Strands Pusher Machine

Wholesale Post-tensioning Strands Pusher Machine

During the construction process, two people can complete the operation, greatly reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.


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Wholesale Post-tensioning Strands Pusher Machine

The use and characteristics of strand pusher machine:

Strand pusher(referred to as the penetration hole of prestressed steel strand cable wear, mechanical properties) is a dynamic, wear steel wire with high efficiency, beautiful appearance and light weight, the construction operation is very convenient, is mainly used for construction equipment in prestressed steel strand, the transmission distance can wear 180 meters, the working efficiency is 10 - 15 times artificial.

By mechanical transmission, transfer roller clamping steel strand, can enter, can back, can be a continuous conveyor, can also move the transmission, conveying speed of steel strand with stepless speed regulation, convenient operation, reliable performance, efficiency, prestressed steel wire binding machine greatly reduces the labor intensity, widely used in large bridges box girder structures and prestressed steel wire binding machine. It is an ideal cable construction machinery, and the main tool for the construction of bridges and large buildings to wear steel hinges in the work of prestress. The prestressing steel strand beam machine can enter and retreat, it can be fast and slow, small volume, light weight, simple operation and convenient maintenance. During the construction process, two people can complete the operation, greatly reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

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The technical parameters of the Anchor Cable Pushing Machine:

1, General,steel wire diameter of 14- of 16(according to the user needs to configure)

2. Transport distance: 40--180 M

3, motor power and input speed: 3KW--5KW (can be configured according to user needs)

The working principle of the Post-tensioning Strands Pusher Machine:

The reducer drives the double driving wheels to rotate. The steel hinge line is inserted from one end into the line port. The driving wheel and the double cluster wheel press the steel hinge line to move forward along the pipe into the reserved channel until it reaches through the other end of the hole to reach the tension size.

The use method of the post tension strand pusher:

1. Prepare for work before opening the machine

(1) check whether the electrical circuit is in good condition and check the position of the oil surface in the reducer.

(2) check the direction of the motor moving, whether it is in the direction of the arrow on the shell.

(3) the power supply is connected and the debugging is determined to be positive and reverse.

2. Normal work

(1) insert the steel hinge line of the good rack from the inlet of the machine, point the button switch into the line, make the steel hinge line slowly penetrate into the machine, run along the pipe into the reserved channel and go to the other end to reach the reserved tension dimension, and use the hand-held sand turbine to cut off.

(2) when the conveying distance is not enough, the upper rotor wheel can be adjusted to meet the working requirements, but it cannot be adjusted too tightly, so as to avoid the wear and reduce the service life of the roller when running.

(3) when working, pay attention to the normal operation. When any fault is found, the machine should be stopped immediately to find out the cause and restart it after the failure.

Maintenance of post tension strand pusher:

1, check the wear degree of the lubricating oil and pressure wheel in the wire stranding machine. When the adjustment of the roller is not available, it should be replaced in time.

2. After each use, the steel stranded cable machine should be placed in a dry and snow free environment.

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