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Wholesale Hydraulic Electric Oil Pump

Wholesale Hydraulic Electric Oil Pump

The main use is the power source of the hydraulic devices, such as Jack, upsetting machine, extruder, embossing machine and so on.

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Wholesale hydraulic electric oil pump

Detailed description of Post-tension Stressed Pump:

The ZB4-500 type electric oil pump is the power source that is used with the disassembly and disassembly machine. This series of products are suitable for municipal construction, railway engineering and mine, metallurgy, shipbuilding, building and other kinds of mechanical engineering. The series of oil pumps have compact structure and good technological properties. And it is easy to achieve larger flow and higher working pressure. Because the pump body itself is small in volume and light in weight, it is easy to move in the process of site construction. And it is more suitable for field work, and the most important thing is simple operation and strong flexibility.

ZB series prestressed electric oil pump is a type of piston type electric high pressure oil pump with rated pressure of 50MPa and 63MPa two kinds. The main use is the power source of the hydraulic devices, such as Jack, upsetting machine, extruder, embossing machine and so on.

Installation instructions of the Prestressed oil pump:

1. Preparation work

1. Clean up the concrete in the anchorage plate and remove the rust and mud on the steel hinge line.

2. To install the anchor plate, clip and limit plate, the limit size of the limit plate should be selected according to the diameter of the steel hinge line before installing the limit plate.

Post-tension Stressed Pump.jpg

Two, Jack's installation

1, hoisting jack, and connecting with the electric oil pump.

2. Install the tool anchor plate.

3, install the tool clip, in the tool clip on the appearance of the anchorage.

Three. Tension

1, starting the hydraulic electric oil pump, the jack oil cylinder slowly supply oil, until the oil pressure design value;

2. Measure the extension of prestressed tendons;

3, do a good record of tension.

Four, anchorage

1, gently release oil supply oil road cut-off valve, so that the oil pressure slowly to zero, then the completion of the steel reaming line anchorage;

2, turn off the oil oil road cut-off valve, the return oil cylinder oil, the piston slowly back to the end;

3, unload the tool clip, the tool anchor plate, the jack and the limit plate.

Five, seal end

1. Excessively long steel hinges are used to seal the anchor head with concrete.

2, 24 hour inner tensioning pipe grouting

3, the end is closed.

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