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Strand Prestressed Anchorage For Concrete

Strand Prestressed Anchorage For Concrete

Strand stressing anchorage can be used efficiently in all applications of Building and Civil Engineering works including
1.Building floor slabs
2.Bridge girders
3.Tanks and Silos
4.many other applications

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Description of strand stressing Anchorage:

Prestressed anchors can be use for a wide range , the design of the wedge and the anchor hole must to match, make in the tension together to work, force evenly.

Pre-stressing tendon can be selected from 1 to 55 tendons per design requirements. The tensile force can be controlled within 0 - 11000 KN.

Our company can design and produce anchorages of any specifications in accordance with demands of customers.

Wide applications it is adaptable for strands with diameters from Φ9.5mm to Φ21.6mm ,with standard strength of 2000Mpa or lower.With Compacted structure ,easy operation , safety and laborsaving , high anchoring efficiency and reliable anchorage.

which is widely used for different projects ,such as road and railway bridge, large scale industrial factory, high rise building,Hydroelectric dam , geotechnical engineering, etc.


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Specification of strand stressing anchorage:

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