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Squeeze Anchor processing end of PC strand

1 squeeze anchoris simple and reliable, the machine is easy to use, high efficiency, every hour can squeeze 20-30 extruding anchor.
2 handling lightweight, durable, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

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Description of squeeze anchor:

Extruder is mainly composed of jacks, extrusion heads, extrusion dies and other components. The squeeze anchor consists of an extrusion sleeve, a compression spring and a steel strand. During operation, after supplying high-pressure oil to the cylinder, the piston drives the extrusion head to push the extrusion sleeve, the extrusion spring and the steel strand together into the extrusion die cone hole, since the diameter of the small end of the die hole is smaller than the outer diameter of the extrusion sleeve, The extrusion sleeve is firmly compressed on the steel strand, the inner edge of the compression spring is stuck to the steel strand, and the outer edge is embedded in the extrusion sleeve to form a squeeze anchor with very reliable anchoring performance.

squeeze anchor-01
squeeze anchor-02
squeeze anchor-03

oil cylinder


extrusion head holder and extrusion head

squeeze anchor-04
squeeze anchor-05
squeeze anchor-06

pressing ring


Rear end cover

 end cover

squeeze anchor-07

Parts include:

1,Rear end cover    2, rear plug      3, sealing member     4, cylinder guide belt      5, oil cylinder      6, piston      7, through sleeve     8, extrusion head holder    9, extrusion head     10, extrusion core     11, Extrusion die holder       12, lifting ring      13, connecting body    14, pressing ring

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