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Bridge Tensioning Equipment

  • Heavy Lifting Strand Jacks With Hydraulic Cylinders

    Heavy Lifting Strand Jacks With Hydraulic Cylinders

    hydraulic strand lifting system provides a custom-engineered solution for the toughest jobs. It combines proven components from VSL’s strand post-tensioning system with hydraulic jacks and pumps to lift heavy loads safely and economically.

  • Compact Grout Plants Station

    Compact Grout Plants Station

    The unique mixing action allows rapid mixing and pumping of grouts containing sand, up to a sand/cement ratio of 4:1 and neat cement grouts with water/cement ratios as low as 0.36:1 without additives, or lower with plasticisers or super plasticisers. The mixers are also very...

  • Synchronize Post-Tensioning Systems

    Synchronize Post-Tensioning Systems

    1. The system can control one jack for single strand jacking and stressing. 2. The system also can control 2 or 4 sets of jacks for stressing, which make multi-items simultaneous and balanced stress. 3. Control the tension forcee and measure the prestress elongation...

  • Prestressed Multi Holes Round Wedge Anchorage

    Prestressed Multi Holes Round Wedge Anchorage

    Prestressed multi holes round wedge anchorage is mainly used for pre-tensioned, post-tensioned construction in prestressed concrete structures and components which is currently China –led prestressing anchorage system. Our round anchorage system including work of anchor plate...

  • Pc Strand Pusher Machine

    Pc Strand Pusher Machine

    Main feature of pc strand pusher machine:
    It is easy to operate and convenient to maintain. In the process, two people can complete the operation, it can reduce labour and improve work efficiency.
    PC strand pusher machine in exporting package

  • ZTCS Steel Post-tensioning Compression Fitting Machine

    ZTCS Steel Post-tensioning Compression Fitting Machine

    ZTCS Steel Post-tensioning Compression Fitting Machine designed by idea of hydraulic system with low rotation rate and high torque features.
    The power was driven by motor which operate at a high pressure pump, then transmit through to hydraulic motors for the mechanical...

  • ZB Series Electric Pump With Hydraulic Oil

    ZB Series Electric Pump With Hydraulic Oil

    Double Acting Hydraulic Electric Pump HHB-630B-I Features:
    1. With safety valve to release the pressure when over-loading
    2. Two-speed pump operation reduces cycle times for improved productivity
    3.8L Oil tank suitable for powering small to medium size...

  • ZT Series Heavy Lifting Strand Jacks

    ZT Series Heavy Lifting Strand Jacks

    Features of ZT series heavy lifting strand jacks:
    The capacity, span, area are unrestricted with extended combination of Lifting equipment.
    Bearing load by flexible steel strand. Lifting height is unrestricted as long as got the reasonable load-bearing lifting...

  • Colloidal Grout Mixers & Pumps/intelligent/CNC

    Colloidal Grout Mixers & Pumps/intelligent/CNC

    1 automatic intelligent digital grouting system
    2 precise control of feed automatic feeding, stirring at a high speed automatic data recording system
    3 durable, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

  • 3KW Synchronize Post-Tensioning Systems

    3KW Synchronize Post-Tensioning Systems

    1 2 or 4 jack synchronous tension construction
    2 computer accurately monitor the tension data.
    3 Increases labor costs by 80% for tension construction.

  • Intelligent Automatic Tension Equipment

    Intelligent Automatic Tension Equipment

    Features :
    Stressing is important in the prestressed construction of bridges and highways. However there are errors with stressing by humans which will affect the quality of construction. Intelligent stressing equipment is a kind of high technology which can guarantee...

  • Prestressed Oil Pump|hydraulic Electric Power

    Prestressed Oil Pump|hydraulic Electric Power

    The hydraulic electric oil pump use micro-ultra-high pressure to achieve lifting, stretching, extrusion, bending, Demolition, press fit and other work requirements. It can be a single hydraulic pump station, equipped with double-acting hydraulic cylinder; can also be used as...

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