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Hydraulic Stressing Jack

Anchor Grips Features:
1. 3.8mm, 4mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 15mm and so on
2. Lock for steel wire for precast concrete line
3. Good price, durable quality, recycle use

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Product Description:
The anchoring device used in prestressed concrete, is in post-tensioned structure or component, in order to keep the tendons of tension and passes it to the interior of the concrete anchor tool, also known as Anchorage.
Hydraulic stressing jack-0a  Hydraulic stressing jack-1a 
Anchor Grips Usage:
This kind of anchorage is used in pre-tensile production, used for different size of steel wire in precast hollow core slab factory, beam and lintel making factory and so on. 

1. Used in pre-tension or post-tension for concrete constructions as building materials
2. Used in the upper plates of bridges
3. Used  PC panels, high-pressure concrete water pipes, marine structures, towers and runways.
4. Used for multi-storey industrial/commerial/residential buildings, stadiums, coal mines and etc 

Tension jack introduction:

♦YCW-series light stressing jack is a kind of general-purpose feed-through jack for prestress applied for tension of various steel strand anchors.

♦ Tension jack is widely used in post-tensioned large buildings and structures, prestressed concrete bridges, rock and earth anchoring construction, hydraulic structures, foundation anchoring construction and other great projects.

♦ Main parts of this stressing jack is made of high-strengthened steel and it features in compact structure, small weight and small size, short axial length and short length of preserved stretching steel strand, which can saving many steel strand materials.

♦ This type stressing jack also easy to hoist, durable in use, easy to operate and convenient to maintain.

Technical performance for stressing jack

♦ YDC-series light capsular stressing jack are divided into six models: 100, 150, 200, 250, 400 and 500 (×10Kn) and their strokes are all 200mm. 

♦ Different accessories can be used when tensioning different models and different types of anchoring volumes. According to customers’ needs, we also provide 60, 120, 300, 350, 600, 650 and 900 six models of light stressing jacks.

♦ We can produce stressing jack according to your special needs. 

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