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Hydraulic Multi Strand Stressing Jack

1. It is suitable for the tension of group anchors with 1860-2000 sizes, Φ15.24, Φ12.7 strands.
2. In some certain circumstance it can be used in the working of pushing, jacking and transforming and so on.
3. Easy to operate and used widely.

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Description of Hydraulic Multi strand stressing jack

1. Usage: It is mached with prestressed anchorage widely used in the  construction of bridge and buildings, railway and subway,  water conservancy and hydropower engineering .

2. It is suitable for  the tension of group anchors with  1860-2000 sizes, Φ15.24, Φ12.7 strands.

3. In some certain circumstance it can be used  in  the working of pushig, jacking and transforming and so on.

4. Easy to use with reanosable price .

5. Jack is used for prestressing works 

6. Using the new seals, to synchronous strengthen the seal-ability under great pressure.

7. Using special alloy steel with heat treatment process, reducing the cylinder's expansion ratio in the tensioning process. So that the life of seals and sealing performance can be improved about 20%.

8. In the tensioning the operating process, jacks is easily damaged under overpressure because of the jack-based pullback clinder, so we added the overpressure valve on the jacks to pressure production. Meanwhile we improved the original of commonly used structure by wire disc and flanged disc, to make the bearing capacity for oil pressure strengthen. So that enormously reduce the possibility of mechanical damage due to improper operation.

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