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Construction Hydraulic Prestressing Mono Stressing Hydraulic Jack Stressing Jack Machine

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Overview:   (quick details)

Condition:   new

type: hydraulic jack

Place origion: Xian China(mainland)

Brand name: ZTmining equipment



Sertification: SGS ISO

Warranty: no overseas


Application:Prestressing Engineering

use area:building structure

Material:45 Steel

Use: Hydraulic Hand Pump Jack

min height:561mm

Corlor: as your color

max height: 566mm






Wooden box with inner blister covered




any  port in China or as your request



 TT ( the deal less   than 5000$) .L/C  only accept more than    5000$


Mono jack Description:

Mono stressing cable prestressing construction mini hydraulic jack are a multipurpose prestressed tensioning device, easy to operate. Mainly used for single hole tension. also used for,porous preloaded ,  tensioning and troubleshooting,and can be applied to a variety of sizes of high strength steel wire  and steel strand. Especially for high-altitude operations, easy to carry.Steel stranded wire reserve length is 200 mm can be tensioned , can save prestressed tendon material.

TypeNom. Oil Pump(MPa)Nom. Force(KN)Stroke(mm)Weight(Kg)Over Size(mm)Dia. of the Center Hole(mm)

mono strand jack-e1

 Feature of 25 ton prestressing hydraulic bottle jack

1The piston anti-skid device is designed to avoid the rotation of the piston during operation;

2 Automatic clamping of steel strands and anchoring to improve efficiency;

3 Equipped with a tensioner and an anchor, both tensioning and anchoring.

4 Easy to carry.

2. Parameter of 25 ton prestressing hydraulic bottle jack



Nominal tensile force

250 KN

Nominal oil pressure

53 Mpa

Tension piston area

0.004771 sq.m.

Return piston area

0.001335 sq.m.

Perforating hole diameter

19 mm

tension stroke

200 mm

Size(diameter * length)

180 mm × 481 mm

Return oil pressure

≤25 sq.m.


19 kg

Match oil pump


3. Structure of 25 ton prestressing hydraulic bottle jack25 ton stressing post tension machine / equipment electric bottle jack

1. Crimping ring    2.Oil nozzle joint    3. Piecing sleeve nut    4. Oil nozzle base    5. Plug     6. Seals     7. Guide belt       

8. Heart-piercing sleeve      9. Piston     10. Cylinder         11. Handle     12. Seals    13.compressed spring      14. Spring sleeve      15. Piston anti-skid device  16. wedge  17. Anchor ring    18. Top looser     19. Hammer top cover     20. Limit set

4. Main components of 25 ton prestressing hydraulic bottle jack:piston, cylinder25 ton stressing post tension machine / equipment electric bottle jack25 ton stressing post tension machine / equipment electric bottle jack



1. Mono strand tensioning for OLM 15 and OLM 13 with bonded and unbonded tendons;

2. Widely used in pretensioned and post-tensioned prestressed concrete structures, bridges, rock and soil anchoring.

3. Especially suitable for working at heights.




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