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China Prestressed Electric Oil Pump Manufacturers|used For Bridge Jack

China Prestressed Electric Oil Pump Manufacturers|used For Bridge Jack

1 has a small size, light weight, simple structure, easy operation, high working pressure.
2 high pressure, low flow, electric oil pump
3 double loop performance is stable.


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China prestressed electric oil pump manufacturers|used for bridge jack

Description of hydraulic electric oil pump:

Electric oil pump is the power resource and control device for wire tension,which is used in conjunction with various jacks(Nom. Pressure 50-60MPa), as well as other low flow or high pressure hydraulic equipments.

In the case of a variety of special equipment, can be achieved lifting, bending, straightening, extrusion,, riveting, demolition, pressure and other work requirements, With a small volume of light weight, simple structure, easy operation, high working pressure.

ZB series of high-voltage electric pump tension pump rated power is high pressure, safe, high efficiency, such as the characteristics of the pump, and a variety of different supporting equipment used in prestressed, and in the need for oil-powered operations can be Widely used. For example: with the corresponding equipment and equipment, can be carried out, stretching, expansion, clamping, bending, jacking, extrusion and other basic operations, can also be sent to the wire crimping, steel crimping, reinforced concrete piles Pressure pile and pile test and other engineering operations, prestressed oil pump can be installed according to user requirements safety valve, relief valve and three four-way valve, flexible and easy to use safe and reliable.

Prestressed Eletric Oil Pumpdigital Control Hydraulic Electric Oil Pump Used In Bridge Jack.jpg

The hydraulic electric oil pump is a micro-ultra-high pressure, can be a single hydraulic pump station, equipped with double-acting hydraulic cylinder cargo special equipment, can achieve lifting, stretching, extrusion, bending, Demolition, press fit and other work requirements; can be in other machinery and equipment for hydraulic power components; can also be used as high-pressure series of hydraulic components, high pressure vessels, Post-tension Stressed Pump; high-altitude operations, mobile operations more features.

Tensioning the safety of the pump/prestressed electric oil pump

(A) power wiring to be connected to the zero line, and at any time to check the insulation at all times, so as to avoid electric shock; use should always check the power cord connection or the beginning of contact is reliable, to prevent the motor due to lack of operation and burned.

(B) tubing and joints to be manufactured according to specifications, and at any time to check, so as to avoid a burst accident, oil pump pressure can not be disassembled joints, piping and oil table.

(C) the pressure gauge to be checked at any time to prevent failure caused by the accident.

(D) should be opened before driving the control valve (no load start). Use should check the safety valve to adjust the pressure is appropriate, and often ensure sensitive and reliable.

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