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China Hydraulic Strand Jack System Manufacturers|used For Bridge Engineering

China Hydraulic Strand Jack System Manufacturers|used For Bridge Engineering

1 to enhance the equipment small size, light weight, load capacity, easy installation and flexible, especially suitable for small space or indoor large tonnage components to enhance;
2strand jack lifting system with reverse movement self-locking, so that the lifting process is very safe, and the components in the lifting process can be anywhere in the long-term reliable lock;


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China hydraulic strand jack system manufacturers|used for Bridge Engineering

Description of hydraulic strand jack system:

The strand jack lifting technique originates from the concrete post tensioning principle. A strand jack can be considered a linear winch. In a strand jack, a bundle of steel cables or strands are guided through a hydraulic cylinder; above and below the cylinder are anchor systems with wedges that grip the strand bundle. By stroking the cylinder in and out while the grips are engaged in the anchors, a lifting or lowering movement is achieved.

The motion of the cylinders is driven by hydraulic power packs. They can be electric or diesel powered. Our sophisticated SCC software program synchronizes the motion of the strand jacks and adjusts the motion to the loads per lifting point.

hydraulic strand jack system  is a new type of large-scale lifting equipment, mainly by the ZTS series to enhance the jack, hydraulic pump station, control system components.

strand jacks lifting.jpg

To enhance the use of the system Note:

First, the strand into the guide tube, pushed into the strand jack animation, under the automatic tool anchor above a person gently holding into the guide tube lead, with the steel wire thrust and move.

Second, when the strand is pierced from the lower part of the cylinder, remove the guide tube lead. Disconnect the strand until it approaches the automatic tool anchor when the speed slows down, aligning the hole through the next automatic tool anchor.

Third, when the strand from the fixed end of the tool anchor is still 4-5 m distance, the chipping into the clip at any time lock, if you need to put the steel stranded, the clip up and then lock up again Stranded through the fixed end of the tool should be inserted into the anchor hole when the clip, the strand into the clip pressure plate hole positioning. The upper part will tension the stranded strand, that is, the steel wire will be locked on the automatic tool anchor clip.

Fourth, to enhance the jack on the upper part of the steel wire than the automatic tool anchor 500mm, wearing a strand when the top of the hydraulic strand jack system  5, division of labor: 1 person responsible for communication, 1 person responsible for laying the film, the hole, others responsible Line; the lower part of the jack is responsible for checking the automatic tool anchor and hole, and finally lead to the tube lead; lower fixed tool anchor 3 people, responsible for wearing clip, observe the strand down, the last lock and so on.

Application of strand jack animation:

Strand jack system, anchor system application

Strand Jack Anchor System

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