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China Hydraulic Cylinder Jack Manufacturers|used For Bridge Replacement Rubber Production

China Hydraulic Cylinder Jack Manufacturers|used For Bridge Replacement Rubber Production

1 large tonnage synchronous jack jack 5-150 tons
2 hydraulic jack jack jack precise synchronization control.
3 and flexible lifting, durable, easy to operate and easy maintenance.
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China Hydraulic Cylinder Jack manufacturers|used for bridge replacement rubber production

Description of Lock Nut Hydraulic Jack:

In the bridge erection project, an electric pump station can be 4 to 32 (or more) synchronous jack to provide power, synchronous jacking to achieve the bridge support pad to install or replace.

As the traffic became more and more busy, the road bridge and overpass reinforcement work was put on the agenda. By adding additional piers and distributing the load of the bridge to the old and new piers, the traffic flow can be increased.

Using ultra-thin jack ,Low Height Hydraulic Cylinders Jack or self-locking jack jack up the bridge, replace the cushion, and finally put back to the new pier position. It seems that the hydraulic seems to be able to do anything, when faced with this type of engineering problems, the system design has become the most critical issue, through our close cooperation with customers and our wealth of knowledge in the field of accumulated, So that this project a complete success.

Products use of Lock Nut Hydraulic Jack:

Bridge construction is very complex, the reliability of the equipment directly affects the success or failure of the project. Hydraulic system for the bridge structure of the support, Hydraulic Cylinder Jack  lifting and other applications to provide a reliable guarantee. In the bridge erection works.

Flat Jack Lock Nut CylinderA Portable Hydraulic Jacking Jack For Bridge Replacement Rubber Production.jpg    Hydraulic cylinder jack

Technical data of Lock nut hydraulic Jack:

lock nut hydraulic jack1.png

Use Note of Hydraulic Cylinder Jack:

1, Manual lock nut hydraulic jack equipment, hydraulic jacking equipment, synchronous jacking cylinder, bridge synchronous jacking system (thin roof) when using the phenomenon of air play, you can first relax the pump on the oil drain screw, the pump body vertical Get up and down to play a few times, and then tighten the oil screw, you can continue to use.

2, when used, shall not be partial load or overload, so as to avoid the risk of damage to the thin jack. In the event of load, should not remove the quick connector, in order to avoid accidents and damage to mechanical parts.

3, the thin jack is the oil as the medium, must do a good job of oil and the maintenance of the machine, so as not to block or oil, affecting the use of results.

4, the new or long for the thin jack, because the cylinder has more air, began to use, the piston rod may be a slight jump phenomenon, the thin Hydraulic Cylinder Jack can be loaded into the complex movement 2-3 times to exclude the cavity air. Long-term idle pressure on the top, because the seal does not work long-term caused by the hardening of the seal, thus affecting the service life of the top of the pressure, so the thin jack when not in use, the monthly load of small Flat Jack Lock Nut Cylinder 

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