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Bridge Tensioning Equipment

  • Lifting Strand Jacks|hydraulic Strand Jack System

    Lifting Strand Jacks|hydraulic Strand Jack System

    Description of lifting strand jacks: The hydraulic pumping station is a power equipment. The load-bearing is suspended by steel strands. The upper and lower grippers (automatic tool anchors) are alternately operated and the relative movement of the jack piston and the oil...

  • Post-tension Stressed Pump|Hydraulic Electric Oil

    Post-tension Stressed Pump|Hydraulic Electric Oil

    Description of hydraulic electric pump : hydraulic electric pump is a special equipment for providing tensioning power for prestressed jacks during prestressed tensioning. It consists of lower pump body, control valve, motor, oil pump box and pipeline. hydraulic electric pump...

  • Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinder|hydraulic

    Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinder|hydraulic

    Description of lock nut hydraulic cylinder Bridge maintenance, bridge lift and bearing replacement Heavy-duty construction of jacking, lowering, weighing Center of gravity measurement, reinforcement support/load transfer from temporary support to fixed support Heavy equipment...

  • Strand Pusher Machine|post Tension

    Strand Pusher Machine|post Tension

    Description of strand pusher machine : strand pusher machine is prestressed work, as the main channel tool wear steel hinge line for building bridges and large buildings. It can be configured according to user needs. It adopts main tool wear steel strand for prestressed duct...

  • Anchor End Extruder|Post Tensioning|Compression Fitting| Dead End

    Anchor End Extruder|Post Tensioning|Compression Fitting| Dead End

    Anchor extruder for post tensioning method is simple and reliable, and the machine is convenient to use, high in efficiency, and can squeeze 20-30 extrusion anchors per hour.

  • Mono Strand Pulling Jack|single-wire Stressing Jacks

    Mono Strand Pulling Jack|single-wire Stressing Jacks

    Description of mono strand jack : mono strand jack is mainly used for single hole tensioning. It can also be used for porous pre-tightening, tensioning and troubleshooting, and can be applied to high-strength steel wire bundles and steel strands of various specifications....

  • Multi-Holes Anchorage|post Tension Anchor

    Multi-Holes Anchorage|post Tension Anchor

    Description of post tension anchor : Prestressing forces of the post tension anchor are transferred to the concrete structures through Anchorages. Anchorage for the Post Tensioning system normally comprises of a steel plates with a number of conical holes, the conical Grips...

  • Hydraulic Jack With Locking Nut

    Hydraulic Jack With Locking Nut

    Description of Hydraulic jack with locking nut : In the bridge erection project, an electric pumping station can power 4 to 32 (or more) synchronous jacking jacks, and the bridge can be installed or replaced by synchronous jacking. Parameters of Hydraulic jack with locking nut :

  • Mono Strand Pulling Jack

    Mono Strand Pulling Jack

    Description of Mono strand jack : Single-wire stressing jacks are manufactured with 220KN and 300KN capacity and 200mm or 400mm stroke. Sigle wire stressing jacks are sutable for 12.7mm,15.2mm , and 15,7mm strands. These jacks generally find their application in commercial...

  • Hydraulic Strand Jack System|heavy Lifting

    Hydraulic Strand Jack System|heavy Lifting

    Description of hydraulic strand jack system|heavy lifting The hydraulic strand jack is compact in structure and can lift and lift heavy objects smoothly. The lifting weight has reached 750 tons, and the transmission efficiency is high, so it is widely used; but it is easy to...

  • Hydraulic Stressing Jack|multi Strand

    Hydraulic Stressing Jack|multi Strand

    Description of Hydraulic Stressing Jack|multi strand Hydraulic Stressing Jack are double-acting jacks that utilize twin hydraulic cylinders to tension prestressed tendons and jacking anchors. Through-type jacks are suitable for tensioning belts The working principle is as...

  • Colloidal Grout Mixer|Intellegent|intelligent

    Colloidal Grout Mixer|Intellegent|intelligent

    Description of colloidal grout mixer |Intellegent|intelligent colloidal grout mixer comprises a base, a roller which is arranged below the base, a stirring tank is arranged on the base, and a cement spiral feeding pipe and a pumping pipe are arranged above the stirring tank....

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