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Wholesale Upset Forging Machine

Wholesale Upset Forging Machine

Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine is the front road machinery for building steel bar connection.

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Wholesale upset forging machine

1. Mechanical principle of upset forging machine :

Using the principle of hydraulic cold heading to make the end of steel bar plastic deformation, the diameter increases 4~6mm, and then reprocessing thread. The actual cutting area after the machining thread is larger than the original section of the steel bar, so the tensile strength of the joint is greatly improved. The upsetting thread joint is completely broken to the parent material by tensile test, and is suitable for higher requirements.

Two, product use of Auto Rebar Upsetting Machine :

Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine is the front road machinery for building steel bar connection. Its main function is to press and upend the ends of reinforced bars to increase the area of reinforcement. It is suitable for the construction of grade II and grade III 16- steel reinforced by 40mm.

Four. Technical parameters of Rebar Cold Forging Machine:

1. applied steel diameter: 12-40 class II - III building reinforcement

2. piston stroke: 140mm

3. maximum flow: 5.424L/min

4. upsetting: 2036KN

5. total power: 4kw

6. shape size: 1020 x 500 x 965 (long x wide x high)

7. overall net weight: 560kg

Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine.jpg

Three. Characteristics of equipment of cold forged rebar end machine:

(1) the operation is simple, hydraulic and electrical control, no professional technicians are needed, and training can start in ten minutes. (2) the section area of the reinforcement ends is enlarged by 15-20%, so that the base diameter of the thread is not less than the diameter of the reinforcing bar, and the tensile strength is fully exerting.

(3) the production efficiency is high, each class can be upsetting 300-500 head;

(4) reinforced processing range, can be processed in accordance with GB1499 or BS4449 (CS2) steel standard diameter of 16- with 50 kinds of.

(5) the equipment failure rate is small, there is no damage to the spare parts, and the construction cost is bottom.

(6) environmental protection, safety, not affected by the environment and climate.

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