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Straight Thread Rolling Machine|manufacture|factory Price

Straight Thread Rolling Machine|manufacture|factory Price

1 can be completed once the stripping stripping, rolling thread processing.
2 processing full shape, high dimensional accuracy.
3 simple operation, easy adjustment, high processing efficiency, long service life.
4 quality first, reputation as the most important, management-oriented, service-oriented.

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Description of Straight thread rolling machine:

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Rebar Thread Rolling Machine111.jpg    steel bar straight thread rolling machine12.jpg

Parameters of Straight thread rolling machine:

straight thread rolling machine111.png

Threading Machine Safety of Straight thread rolling machine:

1. Machine is made to thread and cut pipe or bolt. Follow instructions in Operator’s Manual on machine uses. Other uses may increase the risk of injury.

2. Secure machine to bench or stand. Will keep the machine from tipping over.

3. Keep covers in place. Do not operate the machine with covers removed. Exposure to moving parts may result in entanglement and serious injury.

4. Support long heavy pipe with pipe supports. Will prevent tipping of the machine.

5. Do not wear gloves or loose clothing. Keep sleeves and jackets buttoned. Do not reach across the machine or pipe. Clothing can be caught by the pipe resulting in entanglement and serious injury.

6. Clothing/gloves can be caught in moving parts. Fingers, hands, arms or other body parts can be crushed or broken.

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