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Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine|Easy To Operation

1) simple structure, easy to operate 2 upsetting action step by step, high production efficiency. 3 cylinder with high-quality seals, long life, the replacement of mold and easy maintenance. 4 quality is the guarantee of credibility, credibility is the embodiment of quality


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Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine|Easy to Operation

Discriptions of Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine

Upsetting machine is also called Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine or cold heading machine. 

The upset forging parallel thread machine contains : 

one rebar threading machine

one oil pump 

one upset forging machine

they work together with couplers for the connection of rebar whose diameter is between 12mm and 40mm . 

Product parameters of Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine:

Processing of steel range:


  Rated power:


   Rated power:

380V     50HZ

   Hydraulic oil:

68# anti-wear hydraulic oil

   Maximum working pressure


    Total machine weight:


Machine size


Function of Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine:                                                                             

This Steel Bar Reinforced Upsetting Machine is the key facility of reinforcing bar mechanical connection in the 

construction, its main function is to threading the reinforcing bar end into given parallel thread with upsetting 

end or the normal rebar end without upsetting.

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